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About me

Not claiming to "be" an exper-D at anything, I'm still on the journey to becoming one.

Nowadays, online communication is a necessity for everyone and being on top of the new technologies. As a business, you want to stay ahead of your competition. You realize you have to build an online presence but you don’t know “how” to start. Or maybe you are at a point in your career where you are considering shifting gears but finding yourself a bit stuck. My aim is to help individuals and companies understand their options when it comes to developing their online business or personal projects.

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Project Management Specialist in HR

I have over 15 years of experience in human resources. I will help you manage your project effectively by communicating the vision, goals, expectations, and progress to various stakeholders. I will also use my organizational skills to plan and prioritize tasks, assign roles and responsibilities, resolve conflicts, and provide feedback and support to your team.

Website Design & Applications

Do you want a new website that you can fully manage yourself? Or maybe your existing website to be redesigned? I happily explain what are the different options for improvement. Together we will make a plan of approach for your specific project that meets all of your needs.

Branding & Online Identity Creation

You might not know how to get started. You might have questions like: How do I choose a domain name? What platform should I use?  How do I reach and connect with my target audience? These are some of the challenges that you might face when you want to get online or use social media effectively.

Drive is all what matters, because Skills can be learned!

Throughout my career, I never stopped learning “New” skills. Some were out of personal interest, and others were to improve my skills in my daily job. I know firsthand how critical it is to stay committed and organized. My own personal experience is proving I’m not afraid to undertake challenging projects or make a career change. My goal as a certified coach is to help you clarify how to achieve your goals and achieve success.

Other platforms where  you can support me

I will not only add new assets to my website but also distribute them on various platforms. The products and or bundles will vary depending on the platform.

My shop: Check out the full collection

Digital assets: You can use yourself

Here you have an overview of some of the digital assets I provide and use in my projects.
Disclaimer: You can also check out my product on diverse digital platforms! The links are listed below & thank you for your support!

Creative Fabrica

If you want to look if there are designs you want to use you can always have a look on Creative Fabrica. This is a great platform to get started and I use it myself.
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